Classic Lash Extensions vs. Volume Lashes: Which Style is Right for You?


Classic Lash Extensions vs. Volume Lashes: Which Style is Right for You?


Have you ever looked at your client's eyes and wondered whether classic lash extensions or volume lashes would best suit them? As a lash technician, I know how crucial it is to choose the perfect lash style for each individual. After all, lashes can transform a person's face, giving an instant lift and depth to the eyes. If you've found yourself stuck between classic and volume lashes, this guide is for you.

Classic Lash Extensions vs Volume Lashes: What's the Difference?

Classic lash extensions and volume lashes aren't just different in name, they have distinct characteristics and effects.

Classic lash extensions are a tried and true favorite in the beauty world. With this technique, a single extension is applied to a single natural lash. This method is perfect for those looking to add length and some fullness to their natural lashes. It's an ideal choice for clients with a good number of healthy natural lashes, who desire a classic, natural yet defined look. Some styles of classic lash extensions include "C curl" and "D curl", offering a variety of shapes to suit each individual's eye.

In contrast, volume lashes (often referred to as 3D lashes) involve applying multiple lightweight lash extensions to each natural lash. This can range anywhere from 2 to 6 lash extensions applied per natural lash, depending on the desired fullness. Volume lashes create a fluffy, dramatic look and are perfect for clients who have sparse natural lashes, as they can fill in gaps to create a fuller lash line. The "YY lash extension" style is one popular type of volume lashes.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Classic and Volume Lashes

As professionals, our task is to guide clients in choosing the right lash style. It's not just about aesthetic preference, a range of factors should be considered:

Natural Lash Health: Classic lash extensions can be a great choice for clients with naturally thick lashes, as they add length and definition. Volume lashes, with their multiple extensions per lash, can give the illusion of a fuller lash line for clients with fewer natural lashes.

Desired Look: For a more natural, everyday look, classic lashes are the way to go. On the other hand, volume lashes provide a more dramatic, glamorous effect, making them a favorite for special occasions.

Maintenance: Classic lashes might require less frequent refills than volume lashes, as losing a single classic lash is less noticeable than losing a volume fan.

Cost: Generally, classic lash extensions can be more affordable than volume lashes due to the additional skill and time required to create volume fans.

Hybrid Fans Lashes: Best of Both Worlds?

What if your client wants both the natural-looking length of classic lashes and the fullness of volume lashes? Enter, hybrid fans lashes.

Hybrid lashes are a mix of classic lash extensions and volume lashes in a 1:1 ratio. This style creates a beautiful, textured look that combines the best of both worlds. With hybrid lashes, you can add volume where it's needed while maintaining a certain degree of natural definition. It's perfect for clients who are unsure about choosing between classic and volume or those who simply want a slightly fuller look than classic lashes can provide.


Whether your client's style leans towards the natural elegance of classic lash extensions or the bold, full drama of volume lashes, understanding the key differences between these techniques can make all the difference in delivering a result they'll love.

And remember, the beauty of being a lash technician is that there's always a middle ground. Hybrid fans lashes can be a perfect compromise for those clients who want a bit of both.

The next time your clients sit down in your chair and ask for your recommendation, you'll know exactly what to suggest. So go on, help them bat their perfect lashes at the world. And if you need high-quality supplies for classic, volume, or hybrid lashes, check out our comprehensive range of lash extension supplies.

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