How do premade fans differ from handmade fans? What are the differences between them?


How do premade fans differ from handmade fans? What are the differences between them?


I am sure that those who have taken these classes will be aware that there are two types of volume lash fans, which are the premade fans and the handmade fans. So, what is premade volume fan? What is handmade volume fan? What is the difference? Which one is better for a lash artist? We will talk about all these points in this article.


Definition of premade volume fans & handmade volume fans

Premade fans are produced by eyelash extension factories with machines. The fans are bonded at the base either with glue or through heating. The premade fans are laid down on a strip and placed in a tray which could be picked up and used right away.


Handmade fans (also known as promade fans) are made by skilled lash artists without the use of any machines. The fans are usually prepared by the Lash Technicians themselves before or during an appointment to apply lashes. The fans are made from bundles of individual lashes/easy fan lashes, which are bundled together to make a fan.


 Is there any difference between promade fan and premade fan?


One of the most obvious differences is the cost difference between the two kinds of fans. The cost of premade fans is higher than the cost of handmade fans. Individual volume lashes are used to make handmade fans which are made by lash technicians. There is a cost difference between volume lashes and premade fans when it comes to the cost.


Preparation time

It is common to prepare handmade fans before or during the application process. There is a lot of time and energy involved in making fans properly, and it also depends on how skilled the technician is when it comes to making fans. Preparing a full set will take approximately 2.5 to 3.5 hours.


Premade fans are ready-made fans in a tray that can be used at any time. Due to the fact that you can skip the fan making process, it will take you approximately 1.5-2 hours to complete a lash set. A full set of volume lashes can be done in a short amount of time, which means you will have time to add more clients into your work schedule, which will free you up to do more work.


Skill requirements

The process of making handmade fans requires professional volume lash training in order to learn how to do it in person. To make handmade fan, there are several different techniques that you can use, such as rolling method and pinch method. In order to master and speed up your technique, you need to practice a significant amount of time and see which method fits you better and spend a lot of time practising the skill in order to master it.


Premade fans, on the other hand, are much easier to use than handmade fans. A pre-made fan is ready for use when you buy it, and it requires a similar application method to applying individual lashes. Basically, all you have to do is pick up a fan, dip it in glue, and attach it to your natural lash.



The advantages of using handmade fans are that you can customize them to fit the client's eye shape and preferences and customize the thickness, curl, length and color of the lash fan accordingly. You have the option of making classic sets, light volume sets, hybrid sets, volume sets, wispy sets and mega volume sets.


With premade fans, it is hard to tailor the fan as you like, so you can only make very limited style choices, and these styles might not look as natural as they could be. In addition, you will need to stock a greater variety of fans in order to accommodate different styles of fans. If you are doing an application in a natural style, for example, you have to have 3D in stock. When it comes to light volume styles, you will need to stock the 5D, 6D etc in your inventory. You need to stock up on 10D and 12D in case you plan on offering mega volume styles.


At Universe Beauty Lashes, we have a large variety of premade fan lashes, such as short stem lashes, long stem lashes, loose fans, in a variety of curls, lengths, and thicknesses from which to choose.



There is usually a greater retention rate with handmade fans when compared to premade fans due to the fact that handmade fans wrap around the natural lash, thereby improving retention. However, the base is pre-bonded for premade fans, which means that it is slightly more difficult to wrap around a natural lash because of the pre-bonding. 



Are Promade fans better than Premade fans?


Choosing premade fans is a good idea if you are just beginning your career as a lash technician who wants to learn how to do Russian volume sets.


Using handmade fans allows skilled lash technicians who are trained in this method to create a more customized look and are able to create a more unique look, but it does require more time and preparation before you begin the application on the client.


Depending on your lashing style and the type of business you have, you can choose the right one for you.





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