Promade vs. Handmade Fans: Which is Best for Your Lash Extension Needs?


Promade vs. Handmade Fans: Which is Best for Your Lash Extension Needs?

In the ever-evolving world of eyelash extensions, lash technicians are constantly seeking the best products and techniques to offer unparalleled services to their clients. One of the most debated topics in this realm is the choice between Promade and Handmade fans. Which one offers superior results? Which is more cost-effective? And most importantly, which one will your clients love the most?

Understanding Promade Fans

Promade fans, as the name suggests, are pre-made eyelash extension fans. They are manufactured in a controlled environment to ensure consistency and quality. These fans are ready to use, eliminating the need for lash technicians to manually create a fan during the application process.

Benefits of Promade Fans:

  1. Consistency: Each Promade fan is identical, ensuring a uniform look. This is particularly beneficial for clients seeking a symmetrical and consistent lash appearance.
  2. Time-saving: Since the fans are already made, lash technicians can complete the lash extension application faster. This means more clients can be served in a day, increasing the salon's efficiency and profitability.
  3. Uniformity: With Promade fans, there's no room for human error. Each fan has the same number of lashes, spaced perfectly. This ensures that the final look is flawless and meets the highest standards of beauty.
  4. Variety: Promade fans come in various types, such as the 5D 0.07mm Pomade Loose Fans and the 10D 0.05mm Pomade Loose Fans. This variety allows lash technicians to cater to a wide range of client preferences, from those seeking a natural look to those desiring dramatic volume.

Ideal Scenarios for Using Promade Fans:

Promade fans are ideal for lash technicians who are new to the industry. The ready-to-use nature of these fans allows beginners to deliver professional results without the steep learning curve associated with making fans manually. They're also perfect for busy salons that see a high volume of clients daily. The time saved using Promade fans can significantly boost a salon's revenue.

Delving into Handmade Fans

On the other side of the spectrum are Handmade fans. These are created manually by the lash technician during the application process. The technician selects individual lash extensions and crafts them into a fan, tailoring it to the client's specific needs.

Benefits of Handmade Fans:

  1. Customization: The primary advantage of Handmade fans is the level of customization they offer. Lash technicians can create fans with varying numbers of lashes, thicknesses, and lengths, ensuring a bespoke look tailored to each client's desires.
  2. Personal Touch: There's an art to creating Handmade fans. Clients often appreciate the skill and craftsmanship that goes into making each fan, knowing that their lash look is truly one-of-a-kind.
  3. Flexibility: With Handmade fans, lash technicians can adjust the fan's angle, width, and spread based on the client's eye shape and desired outcome. This flexibility ensures optimal results that enhance the client's natural beauty.
  4. Skill Showcase: For seasoned lash technicians, creating Handmade fans is an opportunity to showcase their skills. It's a testament to their expertise, training, and dedication to the craft.

The Art of Making Eyelash Fans:

Creating Handmade fans is a meticulous process. It begins with selecting individual lash extensions. The technician then uses tweezers to craft these extensions into a fan, ensuring even spacing between each lash. The fan's base is dipped into adhesive and then applied to a natural lash. The process requires a steady hand, precision, and an eye for detail.

In conclusion, both Promade and Handmade fans have their merits. The choice between the two often boils down to the lash technician's skill level, the client's preferences, and the desired final look. While Promade fans offer consistency and efficiency, Handmade fans provide unparalleled customization and a personal touch. As a lash technician, understanding the nuances of each type is crucial to delivering top-notch services and ensuring client satisfaction.

Comparative Analysis: Promade vs. Handmade Fans

When it comes to lash extensions, the debate between Promade and Handmade fans is ongoing. Let's delve deeper into a comparative analysis to determine which might be the best fit for different scenarios.

Quality and Consistency:

Promade Fans: These fans are produced in a controlled environment, ensuring each fan meets a specific standard. The uniformity in Promade fans guarantees a consistent look, which is especially beneficial for clients seeking a symmetrical appearance.

Handmade Fans: The quality of Handmade fans largely depends on the technician's skill. While they can be tailored to perfection, there's room for human error, which might lead to slight inconsistencies.

Time Consumption in Application:

Promade Fans: Being pre-made, these fans significantly reduce the application time. This efficiency is a boon for busy salons or technicians catering to multiple clients in a day.

Handmade Fans: Crafting fans manually is time-consuming. However, this time investment allows for a personalized lash experience, tailored to each client's unique needs.

Flexibility and Customization:

Promade Fans: While they come in various types, like the 10D 0.05mm Pomade Loose Fans, customization is limited to the available variants.

Handmade Fans: They offer unparalleled flexibility. Technicians can adjust the number of lashes, the fan's width, angle, and more, ensuring a bespoke look for every client.

Cost Implications:

Promade Fans: Purchasing pre-made fans might be more cost-effective in terms of material costs. However, the time saved during application can lead to increased profitability for technicians.

Handmade Fans: While the material cost might be similar or even lower, the extended application time could mean fewer clients per day, potentially affecting earnings.

Client Preferences:

Understanding client preferences is crucial. Some clients might prefer the bespoke nature of Handmade fans, while others might prioritize the consistency and quicker application time of Promade fans.

Why Choose Universe Beauty Lashes for Your Lash Needs:

Universe Beauty Lashes stands out in the competitive market, offering premium quality products that cater to diverse needs. Whether you're looking for Promade Loose Fans, Handmade Fan Lashes, or other lash extension supplies, we have you covered.

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  3. Global Shipping: With free express shipping on orders over $99USD, we ensure your products reach you promptly, no matter where you are in the world.
  4. Trusted by Professionals: Renowned lash technicians, like Michelle Nguyen of Paris Lash Academy, trust Universe Beauty Lashes for their lash needs. This trust is a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Choosing between Promade and Handmade fans boils down to individual preferences, both of the technician and the client. While Promade fans offer efficiency and consistency, Handmade fans shine in customization and flexibility. As a lash technician, it's essential to be well-versed in both types, ensuring you can cater to a diverse clientele.

For those looking to purchase premium lash products, Universe Beauty Lashes is your one-stop destination. With a wide range of products, from Easy Fan Lash Extensions to lash tapestry, we ensure you have everything you need to offer top-notch services. Explore our range today and elevate your lash game to new heights!

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