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What are premade volume fans?

We’ve witnessed an ever growing amount of interest about premade volume fans over the past few years, which is why we wanted to shed some light on this specific product. Here’s some insight from UBL that will help you to figure out which type of premade fan can suit you.
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Premade volume fans (also called premade fans, premade lashes and pre-fanned) are handmade fans featuring multiple lash strands fused together into one bundle. UBL premade volume fans are made of premium PBT material (a specific grade of synthetic fiber especially adequate to manufacture lashes), which is finer, softer and lighter than other materials.

The fans consist of 2 to 10 individual lashes (depending on how much volume you want per fan), which are bonded together at the base. There are two techniques to do so, glue or heat bonding, the latter being more popular since it prevents glue accumulation (which might increase the fan's weight).


There are also two different types of stems (the “neck” part before the fan spreads):

Long stem premade fans are narrow and feature a longer “neck” part. They are normally used to create a bold eyeliner and intense volume look. It can be easier to handle especially for beginners as the longer stem makes it simpler to seize and apply.

Short stem premade fans are wide and have a shorter base. They are often used to create a natural, light and fluffy look while providing additional density. Definitely a favorite among more experienced lash artists.

With this in mind, what are the benefits of premade volume fans for lash artists?

  1. Premade fans can cut down the application time by half while providing a full and voluminous look.

  2. Wide variety of lash styles available, such as 2D,3D and 4D for a natural look or 5D-10D for a voluptuous/mega volume look
  1. The fans are ready to be picked up from the tray, no need to manually fan them or add extra preparation time

  2. It can be used by both experienced and newcomers alike, while being a good starting point before trying easy fan products

All things considered, premade fans are indeed an attractive product for lash extension professionals as it can fill in the gap between time intensive and technically intricate products. 

But it is also important to consider the fan quality itself as well, which is something we greatly value at UBL. The outstanding materials used during the lash manufacturing process, although more expensive, allow the fan to be strong yet thin while retaining its fan shape and curvature over extended periods of time, providing not only durability but also reliability.

We hope this article was helpful to you, and don't forget to use your [PMF10] discount code if you want to try premade fans!

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