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Lash Clusters DIY Lash Extensions -D43

Lash Clusters DIY Lash Extensions -D43

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About this Item:

DIY Lash Clusters for Home Use: Universe Beauty Lashes presents a tray of 42 lash clusters, perfect for at-home application. Achieve the increasingly popular manga-effect with these easy-to-apply clusters. They are designed for durability, ensuring gorgeous results without easily falling apart. With these clusters, you can complete each eye quickly, saving both time and money.

Exceptional Quality: Universe Beauty Lashes are renowned for their realistic appearance, avoiding the plasticky look often found in other products. These individual lashes are easy to remove from their backing without damage, offering weeks of wear. They are soft, lightweight, vegan, knot-free, and have a matte dark finish, making them reusable with proper care.

Comfort and Convenience: The application process is straightforward: use tweezers to handle the band and apply the clusters underneath your natural lashes for a comfortable, nearly invisible fit. The flat base of the clusters ensures seamless blending, and the lash band is crafted to avoid irritation, guaranteeing a pleasant experience.

Tailored for Every Eye Shape: Each row in the tray features different lengths of lashes, thoughtfully arranged to cater to various eye shapes. This ensures that users don't have to worry about selecting the correct length for their eyes, making application easier and more efficient.

Versatile Style Options: Universe Beauty Lashes offer versatility, whether you're seeking a natural look or a more dramatic glamour. With varying sizes for different eye sections, these lashes allow for a range of styles, including an elegant cat-eye effect. They blend seamlessly with your natural lashes, opening up a world of styling possibilities.

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Wholesale inquiries

If you are interested in purchasing eyelash extension trays in wholesale quantities (MOQ 100Trays), please contact us by email at contact@universebeautylashes.com or through whatsapp/call (+86 189 0639 0090) to get more information. 

We can send up to three trays free of charge for your testing ($19.99 shipping fee), feel free to reach out and let us know which products you would like to try.

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