Wholesale 0.07mm YY Lash Extensions
Wholesale 0.07mm YY EYELASH EXTENSION 12 rows: - Minimum order quantity for each specification is 5 trays.   About this item What is a Y lash?: Discover the uniqueness of Universe Beauty Lashes Y lash extensions. As the name suggests,...
$ 11.90 USD $ 9.50 USD
Wholesale W-Lash Extensions 0.07mm
W- Lash Extensions 0.07mm 8-15MIX: Luxurious Texture: Indulge in the sumptuousness of our W lash extensions, meticulously crafted from eco-friendly synthetic fibers. Unlike traditional lashes, these extensions offer a velvety-soft and feather-light feel, ensuring ultimate comfort. Moreover, the matte black finish...
$ 11.90 USD $ 9.50 USD
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